Easter-little miss confused

Hello big people! So, mummy asked me write to this one! What do you think? She holds my hands and guide me but letter "l and i" are genuinely my own writing. Letter "i" couldn't get more bigger and pretty than that! Ha!
Anyway,are you all up for Easter Sunday? It is my first Easter, you know? I am not quite sure what is going on. You all talk about Easter Bunny! Some people asked me, what Easter Bunny is going to bring for me? I am confused. So confused. Mummy said, Easter Bunny will bring some chocolates for me. I said..."Huh?...don't be silly mummy. The bunnies only hop and hop...and hop".

Before our Easter Holiday, we also did these at school. I think, it's quite pretty and I like the idea of our teachers putting sweeties and chocolate eggs inside. Yum! Yum! 
Mummy and I have been painting these eggs too. I really hope, there is something good happening tomorrow. Everyone just keep talking about it. Mummy said about "egg hunting"? I think that is fun! I will go for that.

If you are little like me, I hope you will have tons of fun tomorrow!
I have to go now for my afternoon nap. My secretary needs to have a bath too.

I get to type too...